Review some of our commonly asked questions.

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Can you recover old/used cores?

Yes! We can take your used roller, feed wheel, or metal insert and remove the damaged or degraded covering to replace it with similar polyurethane. There are times, with some information about the part's use, we can supply a covering which exceeds the dynamics of the original material.

Do I need expensive tooling or setup costs?

Not necessarily. Many of your product needs can be supplied with versatile use of our existing tooling. Costs can be held low by combining customized engineering with in-house molds.

What if I don't know which polyurethane to use?

With a few questions as to the use of your part, such as; exposure to chemicals, heat exposure, dynamic stress applied, and so forth, we can match the best urethane for your needs.

Can I obtain samples?

In most cases, we can supply a sample if it's a basic ring, sheet, rod, etc. We have a wide variety of tooling and molds to accommodate other unique sizes and shapes so something custom may be possible. Please note, custom samples may incur additional charges.

Is a polyurethane cover superior to the rubber coating on my current rollers?

In many ways, it can be a more useful choice than your current covering. We have compounds that are resistant to chemicals, used in printing and laminating applications. Also, urethane is more durable in uses that create abrasion and wear issues.

Can you duplicate an existing part?

There are times when we can take your sample and reverse mold it if the tolerances will accept a small amount of shrinkage. If not, we can produce a prototype for your approval.